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Thanks to Nycha Schlegel, Dist. 5 rep, for setting up Granite Community Council’s new Facebook page, which now includes some good information from Unified Fire Authority about keeping safe during the holiday season.  See this and more at https://m.facebook.com/GraniteCommunityCouncil/.


The following information has been provided by Sandy City Police Chief Kevin Thacker  , in response to concerns that I’ve expressed to Sandy City about response time problems in the Granite Community.

Tips for Emergency Response

When responding to an emergency, minutes matter!  It’s vital that emergency responders can easily and quickly find your address.  In an effort to serve you better, the following tips will help emergency responders arrive as quickly as possible…

  • Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency! Do not hesitate if help is needed.
  • Posted address numbers should be at least 4 inches high and should contrast with the background in which they are displayed.
  • Address numbers (in Arabic numerals) should be clearly seen when approaching from either side of the house.
  • Address numbers should be posted above the garage and/or next to the main door.
  • If the house is located more than 45 feet from the street, the numbers should be displayed in an appropriate place that will make it visible for emergency responders (e.g., fence).
  • Addresses on the mailbox and/or on the curb can also be helpful but keep in mind that they could be covered by snow, garbage cans or parked vehicles. (Reflective numbers are suggested for these locations).
  • To ensure house numbers are visible keep trees and/or shrubbery trimmed and be careful where you place decorations or flags.
  • At night keep a porch light on so the address numbers can be easily seen.
  • When reporting your emergency, give specific information to dispatch such as gate or garage codes, dead end lanes, living in the basement apartment, in the back yard, etc.
  • Meet emergency responders on the curb if it is safe to do so.
  • Lock up pets (so they do not create an obstacle for responders)!
  • Know that a visitor, child or injured person may be unable to give clear directions to Dispatch. They are relying on your house numbers being properly marked.
  • Also know that if emergency personnel are needed they may be unfamiliar with your area, again relying on your house numbers being properly marked.
  • Be prepared to verify your phone number with Dispatch in case the call is dropped.
  • Use a land line if possible but if you do not have one available remember that cell phone technology sends your call to the 9-1-1 center for the city where the cell tower you’re calling through is, not your location. Your cell phone could be attached to a cell tower outside of the city you are in.  Be patient while the call is handled and transferred to the appropriate center.
  • When calling Dispatch it is important to know the address from where you are calling AND the address where responders are needed (if they are different). Cell phone GPS will NOT lead us to your EXACT location. You also need to be familiar with the city you are in or if you are in an unincorporated county area.  If special instructions are needed to locate your residence, contact your police department; they can have our dispatch center enter the information in their records system and “flag” your address.

Here’s more from Sandy Police

Since Tod & I annexed into Sandy, I’ve been getting to know Sandy Police Chief Thacker quite a bit (no, I haven’t been on a one-woman crime spree, just complaining a lot). He had indicated that he wanted to improve both Sandy Police performance in the Granite community and our residents’ perception of their performance.  So, when neighbor Jay said he’d gotten a ticket for trying to sell a car on Little Cottonwood Rd across from the Granite Ward, I asked Chief Thacker about why the area wasn’t signed to prohibit this and why it seemed ok to sell cars on the streets elsewhere in Sandy.

After a certain amount of research and coordination, it turns out that it IS legal to
sell one’s cars on the road, but it is not legal to park perpendicular to the road
(unless signed/striped).  Sandy has posted “parallel parking only” signs there  and Chief Thacker advised his troops to issue warnings, not tickets, until it was properly signed. [the signs are now in place. However, some people are still parking at an angle! Expect tickets when you do this.]

Also, it seems that for some years, when people have called 911 to complain of a problem
at Granite Park (27th E), they have gotten passed back and forth to Unified Police Dept
and Sandy Police and neither has indicated that they actually have jurisdiction over the
park.  Well, that problem is now fixed, thanks both to UPD Det. Paula Stinson and to
Chief Thacker, who again had to do quite a bit of research and coordination to determine
that, yes indeed, Sandy Police does have jurisdiction over the park. He has informed all
the appropriate parties, including SLC 911 Dispatch, so don’t be surprised if you see more
Sandy patrols there.

If you are aware of other problems and ways to improve our police service and protection,
both from UPD and Sandy PD, you can address them to Chief Thacker (KThacker@sandy.utah.gov) or Det. Stinson (pstinson@updsl.org), come to a community council meeting, or email me.

Mary Young, now promoted to Chief Administrative Officer!


We have had several emergencies in Granite in recent years, including deaths of residents and home fires. As a result of discussing the situations with our emergency service providers (both Sandy Fire and Unified Fire Authority), we realize that there are several things that residents can do to reduce the amount of time it takes to get a medical rescue or fire truck to our homes. One of them is to have VISIBLE HOUSE NUMBERS on your home or property (not just on your curb). You can read more about this and other things you can do to improve your family’s odds of survival on the link below. You can order address number signs ($10 each) from Mary Young, tmayoung@xmission.net.  Protect your Family


If you or friends park your cars at the Bell Canyon trailhead parking lots (either on Little Cottonwood Rd. or Wasatch Blvd.), make sure your cars are locked and valuables are not visible.  These locations have been prime locations for vehicle thefts. Sandy City has established overflow parking in the following areas: 1. north of the new water tank on Little Cottonwood Rd. (east of Orgill Trailhead), 2. in new parking lot at site of old water tank on Wasatch Blvd, just south of Little Cottonwood Rd (Don’t trespass on the Richardson property if you park here!), 3. on the east side of Wasatch, for northbound traffic south of Little Cottonwood Rd, and 4. at the GK Gilbert Geologic Viewpark, west of Wasatch on Little Cottonwood.

(See the “Granite West Crimes Statistics).  If you’re interested in crime in Granite and Neighborhood Watch, please check our Safety and Neighborhood Watch page of the website.


Need to correctly get rid of medications gone out of date? They’re accepted at most local Police Stations:

Sandy: 10000 Centennial Parkway 801-568-7100 M-F 8-5

Cottonwood Heights: 1265 E. Fort Union Blvd 801-944-7100 M-F 8-5


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