Council Member Directory


District One & Two (South)

 Michael Braun (Chair/Planning & Zoning)

3020 Apple Hollow Cove

Term ends 12/20

Gorm Klungervik (Vice-Chair/ACCT)

2550 E. Dimple Dell Road

Term ends 12/20

Alt.: Jeffrey Summerhays

2935 Dimple Dell Road

801-942-5477, 801-884-9388

Term ends 12/18

District Three (Central/West)
Vaughn Cox

9906 S. 2700 E.


Term ends 12/20

Greg Schiffman

801-231-6329 (c)

Alt.: Spence Mortensen

9673 S. 3100 E.


Term ends 12/18

District Four (North)

Katie Clayton


Term ends 12/20

Drew Weaver (Treasurer, ACCT)


Term ends 12/18

District Five (East)

Josh Kanter


Term ends 12/2

Nycha Schlegel

4080 E. Quarry Drive


Term ends 12/20

Alt.: Cyndi Douglass

3907 E Alta Approach Rd

703.864.9122 (c)

Term ends 12/18

District Six (Wasatch Resort & Canyon)

Susie Albertson

801-505-8909, 801-733-0304

Term ends 12/18

Bill Clayton (Secretary)


Term ends 12/20



Mary Young (non-voting Chief Administrative Officer)

942-2491; 385-242-3471 (c)

Term ends 12/20


The Granite Community Council is elected by voting residents in the community, and consists of two members and one alternate for each district of Granite (see Council Members/Map). The Council meets monthly (see Agenda and Minutes) to discuss and make recommendations or decisions on issues of importance to the Granite community.  Such issues include requests for planning and zoning changes, canyon closure procedures, reports from Salt Lake County government, smelter waste cleanup, emergency services, Sheriff’s report on calls/crime in our community, and citizen comments.

The public is always and cordially invited and encouraged to attend and participate in our meetings, as well as to contact Council members regarding questions or issues that they’d like the Council to address. Representatives from the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office and County Council and Unified Police Department attend each meeting and sometimes representatives of Sandy City Fire Department (which services our community) attend. Anywhere from one to three of Granite’s representatives on the County Planning Commission frequently attend, both to hear neighborhood input on planning issues and to participate in discussion of community issues. All are available to take your complaints, answer your questions, and research issues that are important to you. Other Utah State and other government officials are often invited to attend to brief the Council and community on issues of concern to us.

This website is maintained by members of the Granite Community Council. We welcome your suggestions for improvement or ideas for information that would benefit our community; please leave a comment or contact a member of the Council.