June 7, 2017

Metropolitan Water District Offices Conference Room

3430 East Danish Road

1.         Call to Order

a.       Welcome by Chair—Michael Braun

b.      Pledge of Allegiance

2.         Approval of minutes for May 3, 2017

3.     Public comments (regarding items not on agenda)

4.     GCC Picks & Pans: Josh Kanter

5.     Unified Fire Authority: Batt. Chief Brad Lynn

6.     Legislative Insights: Rep. Robert Spendlove

7.     Salt Lake County Report: Rita Lund

8.     Sandy Police Department

9.     Unified Police Department (UPD): Det. Paula Stinson

10.   Planning & Zoning issues: Michael Braun

11.   Grit Mill Discussion/input from community: Susie Albertson

12.   League of Unincorporated Community Councils/Reps from GCC

13.   Treasurer’s report: Drew Weaver

14.   Other business (no monkeys)

15.  9:00 pm  –  Adjourn   –   Adjourn  –  please…thank you, “The Management”