Granite Meeting Jan 6th 2021

Wednesday January 6th, 2021 at 7:00 pm
This is an Online Meeting using Zoom

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Meeting ID: 819 0888 3487
Passcode: Granite
Dial / Call In 669-900 -6833 or 253-215-8782

Meeting Agenda
1. Call to Order 7:00 pm

Welcome by Chair – Greg Schiffman

2. Approval of minutes for December 2, 2020 meeting 7:05 pm
3. Jocelyn Romero, SLCO Community Representative 7:10 pm
Report SLCO Community Representative

4. Extension of Mountainous Planning Commission Sunset date 7:20pm
+ Upcoming State legislative session

5. UDOT Little Cottonwood Canyon 7:35pm
+ Discussion of the two new options that have been added
+ Gondola beginning at the LaCaille property
+ Cog Train beginning at the LaCaille property
+ Josh Van Jura, Brianna Binnebose, and other UDOT Personne

6. Reports Unified Police, Sandy Police, and Unified Fire Authority 8:20pm

7. House Fire on Ksel drive 8:30pm
8. Public Comments 8:40 pm
9. Treasurer’s report 8:55 pm
10. Adjourn 9:00 pm

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