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Update Jan. 26, 2016: Now that the election is over, many residents are finding that either residents on their street are filing Consent to Annex forms with Sandy City or Sandy City is starting annexation processes to annex small islands. If you want to protest such annexations, see the page on Sandy’s website that describes the process: Also, upon request a general format for a protest letter will be provided if you contact me at

Update Nov. 17, 2015: Results of the “Community Preservation” election, including the Granite Islands results. Know your Island!

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Here is the tax calculator: Sandy-Granite Tax Calculator 7-28-15. Please make sure you use the correct calculator: there are calculators for homes with 3/4″ pipes and 1″ pipes. You can tell what size pipe you have by looking at your water bill, at the base rate (6000 gal), and see if it says $29.54 (3/4″) or $40.34 (1″).

We’ll show you ours if…My husband Tod has calculated what we would save by moving into Sandy, which is $300/year.  For us, the loss of having input to planning and zoning issues (high-density housing) is worth a whole lot more than that.  If you want to share how much you’d save (whether you want to annex or not), email me at

We’ve been told by one of our knowledgeable residents that it’s possible to ask Sandy to change out the pipe size at the meter only to reduce this monthly rate, if you have a larger pipe. You would want to review your water usage before doing so. We were curious about why the rates are so much higher and how this compares with the other water district in the valley, SLC, and I put this chart together to compare them. Note that the amount of water isn’t indicated, so the rate comparison is ‘apples to oranges’ but I found the percentage differences quite significant. Here’s the chart: Water Rates

Korban is also providing a list of annexation frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that will answer questions from Sandy’s perspective. He will be putting them on Sandy’s website and also providing them to us to add to this page. We, the Granite Community Council, want you, the residents, to have all the information that can be provided to help you make good decisions about your future in Granite.

If you have questions about any of this, you can contact your representative or certainly feel free to contact me.

Mary Young, Chair Granite Community Council


In 2012, the Granite Community Council was presented with a couple of proposals by its residents to annex into an adjacent city, either Cottonwood Heights (CH) or Sandy City. In the case of the CH proposal, it was an attempt by a developer to annex a development into CH, which has now been successful. The other was initiated by a resident who wanted to annex his and some adjacent streets into Sandy, which has also been successful.

Because some of the meetings that resulted from these processes seemed to some Council members to result in inadequate and/or erroneous information being provided to our residents, the Council at its February 2013 meeting decided to establish an Annexation Information Committee (AIC), whose job was to ferret out complete, correct, and unbiased information about the costs/benefits of living in Sandy vs. CH vs. unincorporated Salt Lake County (SLCo).

Initially the AIC was made up of Ray Anderson, Susie Albertson, Terry Wood, and Mary Young, but because of the very significant amount of time and work that this involved, just Ray and Mary ended up doing most of the work. This was good, because even though our goal was to provide unbiased information, most of us on the Council are admittedly biased, due to our past experiences with the various government entities that we live in or are surrounded by.  I, Mary, admit to being biased towards SLCo, and Ray has concluded that he prefers annexation into Sandy, so our AIC was still balanced.

Most Council members, at this time, seem to prefer working with and living in the County, since we see, in our day-to-day workings with them, that they usually tend to listen to us and value us. On the other hand, we have been working at developing a very good and close relationship with elected officials and staff of both CH and Sandy.

This page of the website offers as much unbiased information as we were able to document. Some of it is just about the economic differences between each entity. Others describe the other services and representation that we have or would have with each.

If you are thinking about annexing in the future, you would do well to review all of this material, come to a Council meeting and ask questions, and ask people like Clair Naylor and me about our biases and about why we have them. You can’t ask Ray right now, since he’s on his mission, but he’ll be back soon.

So the documents that we recommend your looking at and inserting your data into are:

1. Annexation update, includes description of some of the factors in the economic analysis of comparing cities/county: Annexation update for website

2. Granite tax calculator. This was recently updated by Sandy, but there were problems that will have now been corrected (see above link).  When you calculate your own projection of how much you’ll save, make sure you don’t just figure property taxes and water differences. Some residents have tried to coax others into annexing by promising savings of over a thousand dollars/year. It might be that much only if you don’t calculate ALL of the cost differences, including franchise taxes which cities can charge, but counties can’t. Please see below for Korban’s additional information regarding this calculator.

3. Next, if you want to understand Utah State law about annexations without a petition (which is what’s been used for recent annexations), see: Annexation Law

4. To understand the non-financial aspects of comparing SLCo to Sandy, Ray and I just focused on those two entities and developed this lengthy list of questions (this is mostly Ray’s work or fault...), which both entities did their best to answer (some questions were unanswerable, however): Annexation questions with Responses

5. Sandy also provided an additional document to help explain some of their answers, including about the water issue, which are: Sandy Memo – Resp to AIC Qs 7-30-13(1) w-water docs

Korban’s added info re tax calculator: “Here is the updated Tax Calculator for the Granite Area, accurate as of today, 7/7/15…  As I mentioned earlier, I am working on creating a webpage which will include Frequently Asked Questions about annexation as well as a Tax Calculator which is more customizable for each individual household and is applicable for all county islands in the Sandy area. In the meantime, this spreadsheet will work for anyone in the Granite area and is appropriate to be put on your website.

This works for the Granite area, but assumes two things about the property owners in Unincorporated Granite.

1.  This calculator assumes that the property owners are paying the Salt Lake County rate for Sandy water and that they will get a discount on their water bill if they annex into Sandy.  A few residents in Unincorporated Granite are already paying the Sandy City rate and won’t see a further discount on their water bill if they annex.

2.  This calculator assumes that the property owners in Unincorporated Granite are not paying the wholesale water property tax to JVWCD [Jordan Valley Water District].  A few residents in Unincorporated Granite are paying a property tax to JVWCD.  If they annex into Sandy, this property tax would go away and they would see a further reduction in their property taxes.

A couple of other comments about this calculator:

1.  These property tax comparisons are accurate as of now, but show the 2014 property tax rates.  The 2015 property tax rates should be made available in August.  At that time I will update the comparison.  Sandy City is considering a 4% property tax increase at a Truth in Taxation hearing on August 4, 2015.  This would be the first property tax increase in 28 years.

2.  The Sandy City Council has approved a new Block/Tier rate structure for water bills.  This will take effect January 1, 2016.  For most users, their water rate will go down, but for very high water users, their water rate will go up.  The discount on water for annexing into Sandy will remain the same.  This comparison still has the current water rate structure in the calculator.”

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me or another Council member, or come to a Council meeting.

Mary Young,, 801-942-2491