1. Call to Order 7:00 pm
a. Welcome by Chair – Vaughn Cox
b. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Approval of minutes for February 5, 2020 meeting 7:05 pm
3. Announcements 7:05 pm
4. Report on the current State Legislative session 7:10 pm
Bills that affect the Granite Community
5. Granite Community Council – 75th Anniversary 7:25 pm
Possibly part of the fourth of July celebration
6. Granite Community Census and Survey 7:40 pm
How will we do it?
What questions should we ask?
7. Reports from Unified Police, Sandy Police, 8:00 pm
and Unified Fire Authority
8. Cottonwood Canyons fire risk and emergency egress
Clint Mecham – UFA 8:10 pm
9. Salt Lake County General Plan update 8:35 pm–transportation/wasatch-canyons/wasatch-canyons-general-plan-jan-2020-draft- with-suggested-changes-for-march-mpdpc.pdf
Big Cottonwood Canyon Pages 82-106
Little Cottonwood Canyon Pages 110-133
10. Public Comments 8:45 pm
11. Treasurer’s report 8:55 pm
12. Adjourn 9:00 pm

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